We urgently need to raise funds to help with our campaign to stop any of the Northern Bypass routes

 How much are we looking to raise?

In the first instance we are looking to raise £100,000

What do we need the funds for?

We are instructing an independent review of the traffic analysis used by Suffolk County Council to justify their proposals as we believe these to be highly flawed.

Further we intend to instruct a transport specialist to review alternative ways of reducing congestion in Ipswich and the 31 other solutions discarded by the council.

Should the Council decide to pursue the proposals following the consultation we will need to seek legal representation.

The costs of promoting our campaign will also be met through donations but are not anticipated to be material.

Bank Account Info

To support our campaign please send donations to:

Bank of Scotland

A/C Name StopIpswichNorthernBypass (all one word)

Sort Code – 16 24 48

A/C 10858881 



If you would like to send a donation or make payment by cheque please make it payable to : StopIpswichNorthernbypass (all one word) and send to Stop! C/o Nick Green, Lowood, Mill Lane, Hasketon, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6JL