About Us

Who and what is the Stop! Campaign 

The Stop! campaign was founded by two residents of Hasketon, Nick Green and Nick Deacon. Nick Green is an Investment Manager in charge of Charles Stanley’s Ipswich Office and Nick Deacon works for Nuveen Real Estate, a global investment management company running their office property division in London. Neither have any affiliation or association with any other organisation.  We are a non-political group whose mission statement is quite simply; to stop any Northern Bypass as it is solely for the purpose of concreting over huge swathes of the countryside in order to build a vast number of new houses above and beyond the National requirement. It would be an environmental disaster and would ruin thousands of people’s lives and livelihoods.  The purpose of the Stop! campaign is to bring all stakeholders together and to channel our communal energy, skill and knowledge to defeat these proposals. We are entirely volunteer lead and financed. To assure transparency, all financial statements are made available to the Parish Chair and Clerks at the fortnightly meeting and overseen by a six strong finance committee. To sign the petition please complete the form on our Petition page.
Nick Deacon
Nick Deacon Co-founder Stop! Ipswich Northern Bypass campaign
Nick Green Co-founder Stop! Ipswich Northern Bypass campaign

After running our successful Stop! The Ipswich Northern Bypass Campaign since July 2019, we are now introducing our sister campaign, Start! Moving Ipswich

Start! Moving Ipswich is an environmental and traffic think tank for Ipswich and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to work on ideas to help existing infrastructure reduce congestion, increase public transport and encourage modal shift from cars to more environmentally sustainable methods of transport. We are also aiming to pressure the DFT to address and improve the reliability of the Orwell Bridge and make necessary improvements to the A14 and A12 pinch points.